WYB? Episode 14: Stretching For Success

Doug Hardy and his partner, Ben Ferguson, founded a company dedicated to serving working people and honoring the legacy of a good friend.  Bob Daniels discovers how Lighthouse Movement, LLC began, how it is growing, and how professionals can improve their physical and mental wellbeing with some simple ideas for adding more movement into their daily routines. #business #wellness #cpafirm … Read More

Biz Insights Episode 115: Unlocking Your Potential

Are you inspired to unlock your full potential?  Whether you are in a rut or you desire to achieve new levels of success, Kevin Stoffel of Strong People Systems, LLC can help you determine what might be holding you back, and to gain the energy you need to soar. You can follow Chris Blair on our Rocky Mountain Business Forum … Read More

Biz Insights Episode 114: Finding Purpose in Life and Work

Are you happy with your work and your life? If not, perhaps you need to find your true purpose. Business coach Jayne Sanders is a scientific hand analyst who has a gift for helping people attain their goals in life and professionally. You can follow Chris Blair and Jayne Sanders on our Rocky Mountain Business Forum About Us – Hosts page. … Read More

WYB? EPISODE 13: Cybercrime on the Rise

Cybercrime can affect any business.  It may be impossible to ward against all attacks.  So, how can you protect yourself, your company and your employees?  Brian Menicucci, President of Menicucci Insurance Agency, LLC, has become quite an expert on the types of coverage you might need. #business #cybercrime #insurance #NewMexico #CPA We appreciate your ideas and feedback! Please log in … Read More

WYB? EPISODE 12: Trust Matters – Listening

Host Bob Daniel introduces the first installment of his special series, Trust Matters.  In this episode Bob discusses the importance of listening in order build relationships with clients, prospects and strategic partners.  Be sure to connect to Bob Daniel through our Strategic Partners page. #business #trust #listening #networking #NewMexico #CPA We appreciate your ideas and feedback! Please log in to … Read More

LTBNM #11: Artificial Marketing Intelligence

Lori Shaw, owner of XtraMark, is a great guest to discuss Artificial Intelligence in marketing because she has successfully adapted to industry changes for nearly 30 years. Further, she provides us with insights on how to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing business environment. https://xtramark.com/ #business #association #networking #conference #CPA We appreciate your ideas and feedback! Please … Read More

LTBNM #10: A Refreshing Experience

A great conference is coming to New Mexico in 2020.  Host Ryan Thorpe gives his impressions of the 2019 NTA national conference that was held in Colorado in May.  He provides a synopsis of three of the presentations made by Colorado Trusted Advisors members and highlights the key takeaways that can be valuable to you.  You might even be motivated … Read More

Biz Insights Episode 113: Community is Family

Business Strategies Media Executive Producer, David Sahd, hosts this episode to highlight a charity near and dear to his heart.  He calls the over 700 adults and children with developmental disabilities served by ARCA his “kids”.  He speaks with ARCA Foundation Ex. Dir., Michelle Cody, and Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull and his wife Carrie about Mayors on Strike for … Read More

LTBNM #9: AdWallet is Changing Advertising

Your full attention is worth something…it’s actually worth a lot! AdWallet is an Albuquerque company that is destined to change advertising across the nation and globe.  In this episode, learn why their tagline is “Paid Attention” in our interview excerpts from founder and CEO Adam Greenhood. We appreciate your ideas and feedback! Please log in to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ … Read More

WYB? EPISODE #11: Keith Crichton – The Wayfair Decision and Your GRT Compliance

State and local tax expert Keith Crichton reviews key aspects of the Supreme Court decision on South Dakota v. Wayfair. This ruling will affect any business that sells online and across state boarders. This valuable interview and information is made available to you in partnership with our sister affiliate, Rocky Mountain Business Forum. Be sure to connect to Keith and … Read More